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To hire a helicopter has become easier than ever

We are a certified air carrier. The private flights we offer guarantee to our Clients to arrive as close as possible to their meeting points. Thanks to the continuous extension of our helicopter fleet and our longstanding presence in the aviation industry we guarantee the full employment of aerodromes and landing places available, as well as of other sites for starting and landing (also those that are unavailable for airplanes). Our staff, which is perfectly trained and always ready for operation, is fully flexible and oriented to serve the needs of our Clients. Our flying personnel consists of pilots-instructors, test pilots and examiners, who have gained their experience during thousands of flights in all categories and classes and have obtained licenses to fly at day and night time, as well as for al weather conditions. On our offer you will find:

VIP Charter

VIP Charter

Do you need to be transported to the other part of Europe in a short time? No problem, as at Husair, we offer helicopter charters in the VIP class.

Panorama flights

Panorama flights

The everyday work and duties may be very exhausting sometimes. What can be done in order to avoid routine? Take advantage of our offer on exciting panorama flights.

Events and shows

Events and shows

Surprise your visitors. During one of your events, organize helicopter rides for them or a private, breathtaking show.


Husair means full professionalism and trust 
 for this reason, our engagement and licenses are confirmed with the following certificates:



Air Carrier Certificate



Certificate of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization



Certificate Husair


Husair offers not always air carriage or air taxi, but also a whole range of other additional services, in order to support you day by day. Click on Find out more, and check what else we have prepared for you



Allow yourself the time to breath and relax on your way to some important meeting by choosing a luxuryflight with a modern, two-engined helicopter of the type Eurocopter EC 135 P2+. Thanks to the comfortablefeeling and intimate atmosphere, you will become much more efficient in creative work – we know what it takesto concentrate, when you travel with a talkative stranger or some overzealous flight assistant on board.

Chartering a helicopter gives you the possibility to fully enjoy your privacy –travelling with your co-workers or partners, in turn, gives you a perfect opportunity to talk with them in aninformal and relaxed atmosphere



Choose some place that is most convenient to you and we will pick you upright there. This can be a dedicated VIP-terminal, where you can undergo the obligatory security check quickly andin comfortable conditions, or any other site allowing a safe start and landing, where you can be brought by car justto the door of our helicopter.


Since a couple of years, we have been trying to satisfy the needs of people, who are obliged to travel frequently in their country and abroad, due to the nature of their work. An unquestionable advantage of travelling by a small, chartered helicopter, is the full independence from the flight schedule, which allows you to participate in several meetings and come back home on the same day, instead of being obliged to use the offer of some hotel or wait at an airport for your next scheduled flight connection. It is the Client who decided about the departure and landing time, and our task is to ensure a comfortable, safe and reliable flight connection. Contact us and book your flight today.


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